Types of Cooperative Society Software in India

We present you the best Cooperative Software for managing different types of Cooperative Company Business. We are expert in developing online based advanced Cooperative business management software because we have been doing it since 2008 from Kolkata, India.

Fully Automated Banking Modules for Cooperatives

With our cooperative software, you can fully automate your cooperative society business process. It will ensure less human intervention and maximum productivity for your society organization. It is integrated with fully fledged banking modules like accounting, Cash Book, Bank Book, Ledger entry, journal entry, day books and many more.

Cooperative Website Designing

Not just Software Development, we are also into designing the best rated professional business website for cooperative society organizations. Our expert designers will make any kinds of website for you, whether it is an HTML and CSS or WordPress. Nothing is impossible to our designers and developers.

Types of Cooperative Software that we provide

In the cooperative industry, we find a long list of variations. There are multiple of credit cooperatives societies exist in India. Based on their service area and exposure, we can classify them. As we have invested heavily into the Research and Development section, we know each and every aspect of the cooperative societies in India.

We provide the below mentioned Cooperative Software in India.

Buyer Cooperative Software

Buyer Cooperative Software is based on the buyer cooperative business. These types of cooperative societies buy products directly from the sellers at low amount. This way they can distribute them to the consumers at reducing price.

Consumer Cooperative Software

Our Consumer Cooperative Software is one of the best in the market. These kinds of cooperatives are ruled and governed by the consumers. The management team gets elected by the consumer members by voting system. They often distribute the products with retail outlets.

The National Cooperative Consumers Federation of India Limited (NCCF) is regarded as the biggest Consumer Cooperative Society in India.

Social Cooperative Software

Social Cooperatives are formed to serve social purposes. They can take care of aged and disabled people, children, unemployed public etc. Although these kinds of societies are well-established mainly in Italy, you can get their glance in India too. For them, we provide most advanced Social Cooperative Software

Woman oriented Cooperative Software

When it comes to the empowerment of women, Cooperative Societies have taken active role in this area. Women oriented Cooperative Societies are transforming lives of Indian women especially in the rural areas, hill regions, tribal sections and many more. We have provided cooperative software to numerous woman cooperative societies.

Housing Cooperative Software

Our Housing Cooperative Software is the best in India. With it you can manage all types of housing and apartment related cooperative society business operations. The members of housing cooperative societies can get residential housing schemes at low price range.

Published by Credit Cooperative Software

Credit Cooperative Software is software product and services consultancy firm Registered and located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Credit Cooperative Society Software has been working in software development since last 12 years. In that period we have design lot of websites and softwares. Cooperative Society software is one of them. Before developed that our experts research on that in very deep and understood the concept also.

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