What is PACS Software and It’s Benefits in Agriculture Business

Primary Agricultural Credit Society (PACS) is agriculture based association of likeminded people. Here, people from farming background assembles themselves and create an association to benefit rural farmers. PACS is a part of Cooperative Society sector in India.

PACS mainly work in the rural and remote areas on the country. There are more than 95,000 different Primary Agricultural Credit Society that we can find in India. They are mainly involved in providing agricultural Finance. As most of the farmers in India, does not have the access to basic financial services from the banks, PACS offers great benefits to them. It provides small and medium loans in easy terms and conditions for repayment of their loans. PACS also builds storage, marketing facility for all kinds of agricultural products.

Why Choose PACS Software?

We are more than a decade long experienced software development organization from Kolkata, West Bengal. Since 2008, we have been developing and awarding our clients with various kinds of finance management software. Hence, you are perfectly assured in getting the best Primary Agricultural Credit Society Software in India.

Primary Benefits of our Primary Agricultural Credit Society Software

Compatible with NABARD System

Our PACS Software is fully compatible with NABARD oriented CAS (Common Accounting System). It assures that all recommended settings and configuration measurements have been followed properly as mentioned in the CAS.

Search and Find Details

The PACS software comes with easy search and finds facility that enables clients of the Primary Agricultural Society to rapidly and effectively look for individuals and to easily enter the tasks modules. The PACS client gets a quick perspective on the member’s previous credit record as a consumer alongside the transactions.

Simple to Use, Rich in Features

If applications are easy and simple to use, then it can provide many advantages to the users. Our PACS Software is very simple to utilize, but it is very rich in terms of features. It’s very easy to explore and navigate all the sections and modules of the application.

Multiple Language Support

As the Primary Agricultural Credit Societies are exclusive only in India, hence it is important to make it compatible to use in different kinds of Indian Languages. The PACS Software’s user interface can be accessed in Bengali, Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi etc, languages.

Well, this is just the end of our blog, but the advantages of our Primary Agricultural Credit Society Software do not ends here. There are tons of other benefits that we can mention. But, we wish to check our clients to have a look into that area. People, can easily evaluate it by using free PACS Software Demo in India.

Published by Credit Cooperative Software

Credit Cooperative Software is software product and services consultancy firm Registered and located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Credit Cooperative Society Software has been working in software development since last 12 years. In that period we have design lot of websites and softwares. Cooperative Society software is one of them. Before developed that our experts research on that in very deep and understood the concept also.

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