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6 types of Cooperative Society Software that you may not know

What is Cooperative Society?

A co-operative society is an autonomous association of like-minded people. These people have similar kinds of requirements and they join hands to achieve common economic goals. Most of the cooperative societies work for the betterment of the personal and professional livelihoods of underdeveloped sections of the society.

Cooperative societies are mainly formed as a ‘Non-Profit Organization.’ People join hands and utilize their resources aggravated to make the benefits for themselves. This is the common purpose of such society organizations all over the world. Here, the members get the benefit.

What is Cooperative Society Software?

Software is a type of tool that can be utilized in supervising business processes. Cooperative Society software is an effective business management tool for cooperative society organizations. With the help of the application, society firms can effectively manage their daily operations with ease.

Software and Digitalization

Businesses of today are more or less dependent on the utilization of advanced technologies. Digitalization is an ongoing trend that is helping all kinds of business houses in operating their business successfully and reaches global clients. Business management software can accomplish these entire digitalization tasks.

6 Types of Cooperative Society Software

1.  Consumer Cooperative Society Software (CCSS)

Consumer Cooperative Societies are developed for the consumers that can purchase household goods at affordable prices. With the help of Consumer Cooperative Society Software (CCCS), the organization can buy all kinds of products from the wholesaler or the manufactures and sell them directly to the consumers at lower rates.

Consumer Cooperative Societies like Apna Bazar or Super Bazar utilize advanced Consumer Cooperative Society Software in India.

Consumer Cooperative Society Software
Consumer Cooperative Society

2.    Producer Cooperative Society Software (PCS Software)

We can see small-scale product manufacturers or suppliers are part of the Producer Cooperative Society. It helps in growing the business prospects of farmers, Ayurvedic and herbal product manufacturers, organic product suppliers, khadi-handloom making small entrepreneurs, and so on. Producer Cooperative Society Software in India is for these types of producer-based societies. This tool helps the producer societies in managing their whole business procedures from the collection of raw materials, production management, and selling to the market.

Producer Cooperative Society Software
Producer Cooperative Solciety

3. Marketing Cooperative Society Software (MCS Software)

Marketing Cooperative Societies are also involved to benefit the farmers. These organizations assist the farmers to sell their products at better rates and eliminate the possibility of market exploitation. Marketing Cooperative Society Software in India is for these types of organizations.

Marketing Cooperative Society

4. Housing Society Software (HCS Software)

To buy housing facilities at an affordable cost, the Housing Societies are the best option for the lower and middle-class people. People can become a member of such organization by buying their share. The Society involves in constructing housing complexes and provides them to the members.

Housing Society Software in India helps these Cooperative Housing Societies in managing their whole business-related operations.

Cooperative Housing Society

5. Primary Agricultural Credit Society Software (PACS Software)

Agricultural Credit Societies are formed mainly by the farmers. Financially poor farmers get all kinds of help in getting farming pieces of equipment, seeds & crops, storage facilities, Packaging and delivery of farm products, and many more. Primary Agricultural Credit Society software in India is helping societies to conduct their day-to-day operations.

Primary Agricultural Credit Society

6. Employees Credit Cooperative Society Software (ECCS Software)

Employees from similar companies or trades form this type of cooperative society. As a member of society, employees enjoy many unique privileges and benefits. The organization works as a credit-providing organization and provides loans to the members.

To manage all kinds of credit business operations of such society as well as other activities, these societies utilize Employees Credit Cooperative Society Software in India.

Employees cooperative credit society software


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Credit Cooperative Software is software product and services consultancy firm Registered and located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Credit Cooperative Society Software has been working in software development since last 12 years. In that period we have design lot of websites and softwares. Cooperative Society software is one of them. Before developed that our experts research on that in very deep and understood the concept also.

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