Best Software for Multi State Cooperative Society in India

Multi-State Cooperative Society in India is recognized and governed by two separate Acts. The first one came in 1984 and the second one is the latest that passed on 2002. The latest Multi State Cooperative Society (MSCS) Act of 2002 was made in support of merging and revising the laws related to the cooperative societiesContinue reading “Best Software for Multi State Cooperative Society in India”

What is PACS Software and It’s Benefits in Agriculture Business

Primary Agricultural Credit Society (PACS) is agriculture based association of likeminded people. Here, people from farming background assembles themselves and create an association to benefit rural farmers. PACS is a part of Cooperative Society sector in India. PACS mainly work in the rural and remote areas on the country. There are more than 95,000 differentContinue reading “What is PACS Software and It’s Benefits in Agriculture Business”

Best Software for Employees Credit Cooperative Society

Employees of a coperative means a person employed in a Cooperative Institution. The cooperative institutions have a separate entity as like companies but goverment by the cooperative laws, rules and register’s circular etc. The cooperatives in India run as a primary cooperative societies, district central banks, land development banks etc.This type of cooperative society providesContinue reading “Best Software for Employees Credit Cooperative Society”

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